Examples of safer road tunnels with a new tunnel ventilation and smoke extracting system

(The new, highly efficient air filtration and gas cleaning plant for the tunnel exhaust air can be found here).
A new smoke extraction method for road tunnels
(pdf-file of 660 kB)

Examples of highly efficient and reliable tunnel ventilation and smoke extracting systems consisting of several smoke extracting stations with smoke extracting fans, flame stops and emission control dampers.
In 2001, the system has been developed for a new 1,528 m long cut and cover road tunnel in Germany, with one tube and two lanes for two-way traffic, designed on basis of the findings and results from international research work.
With this method, a new safety standard for road tunnels has been introduced as state of the art.
Smoke distribution from a tunnel fire into the open
(pdf-file of 145 kB)

Example of a numerical simulation of the smoke plume generated by a 30 MW tunnel fire and discharged through several exhaust shafts into the open, calculated for all wind directions by a CFD-simulation program (MISKAM) to determine and represent the local concentrations of harmful pollutants, such as the CO-gas concentration.

Report from a fire test
(German pdf-file of 36 kB)

Report from the realistic full-scale fire test with 2 passenger cars and 12 MW HRR in the Malbergtunnel at Bad Ems.

Function of a new smoke extraction method
(German pdf-file of 1,5 MB)
Function and performance of a new smoke extraction system verified by a full-scale fire test done by the combustion of two passenger cars with a HRR of 12 MW in the Malbergtunnel at Bad Ems.

Pictures from a fire test
(pdf-file of 3,5 MB)
Pictures from the realistic fire test with two passenger cars in the Malbergtunnel at Bad Ems.

A tunnel ventilation study
(German pdf-file of 9,6 MB)

Example of an expert study of the required ventilating system for a planned road tunnel, intended as an under-crossing of the new landing run-way at the Frankfurt Airport (pages 37-64).
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